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<Tasha's Tasty Treats 

Bread Dough Numbers
(Thanks to Ronnie for sending this in!)

A tasty way to learn your numbers.  Also reinforces math skills through measuring ingredients.


yeast cells under
magnifying glass

Notes on Yeast:  

Add a bit of science to the lesson.  Yeast is a relative of mold.  It is a tiny, single celled, living plant!  Warm liquid will activate the yeast, much like the process that seeds undergo when planted in soil.  If the liquid is too cold, the yeast will not activate or it will do so very slowly.  If the liquid is too hot, it will cook the yeast and kill it.  Yeast ferments sugar and starch in flour producing carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol gases -- these are the yeast's waste products (Tasha was very intrigued that bread was made with "yeast poop").  The gases that are released are what give bread it's fluffy texture.


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