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Dynamic Number Tracing Pages


When you click the link below, you'll be taken to a "frames page".  I can only do it with frames so those of you with browsers that don't support frames will have to wait until my husband has gone further in his course before you'll be able to share in this new section.

There are 4 rows to practice with.   Each of the 4 rows must say the same thing:  

For example, you can have a page that says:

1+1 = 2
1+1 = 2
1+1 = 2
1+1 = 2

But not a page that says:

1+1 = 2
1+2 = 3
1+3 = 4
1+4 = 5

The top frame has ARROWS.  Each one corresponds to one of the columns of letters.  

Push the UP arrow to go forward through the numbers (1,2,3,4,... )

Push the DOWN arrow to go backward through the numbers (=,x,+,... )

There is also a BLANK so if you want to leave space between numbers (like 10 20 30 ), you can.  

Under the arrows are some images of Beans you can chose from.  These images will be placed at the bottom of the tracer page for the child to color in.  

I like to use the images as hints to a question.  So you can put 1+1=  and leave the answer blank.  Then put 2 beans on the bottom and the kids can count them.

You can also put a large number of beans and have them color them in.  So, for example, you can put a question like 10 + 5 =    .  Have them color 10 beans blue and 5 beans yellow (this helps with counting too!)  Then have them color all the colored beans.

Dynamic Number Tracers