DLTK's Educational Activities for Kids
An Alphabet Zoo

     by Carolyn Wells 

You can view the entire poem as part of our poetry Ideas or click the links below for printable pages for each verse.  Use them as a fun way to reinforce your alphabet lessons with your children.

 A Was an Apt Alligator   
B Was a Beggarly Bear  
C Was a Cool Chimpanzee
D Was a Diligent Doe     
E was an Erudite Ermine   
F was a Fussy Flamingo  
G was a Giddy Gazelle  
H was a Haughty young Hawk 
I was an Idle Iguana
J was a Jimp Jaguar
K was a Kind Kangaroo
L was a Lachrymose Leopard
M was a Mischievous Marten
N was a Naughty Nylghau
O was a Ossified Oyster
P was a Poor Old Poll Parrot
Q was a Querulous Quab
R was a Rollicking Ram
S was a Shy Salamander
T was a Tiny Young Tapir
U was a Young Unicorn
V was a Vigorous Vulture
W was a Wild Worm
X was a Xiphias Brave
Y was a Young Yellowhammer
Z was a Zealous old Zibet