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Alphabet Ideas:  The Letter C Activities!

letter c alphabet ideas

Alphabuddy - Cathy C Alphabet Craft

Age 2+

car shapes craft

Car Shapes Practice Paper Craft

Age 2+

(practice circles and triangles)

letter c alphabet ideas

Cat Crafts and Other Activities for Kids

including shapes crafts, paper crafts, TP Roll crafts and paper bag puppet

letter c alphabet ideas

Caterpillar Crafts and Other Activities for Kids

Crafts, coloring and more!

circle craft

Cera Circle Paper Shapes Buddies Craft

Age 2+

letter c alphabet ideas

Chameleon Crafts and Other Activities

letter c alphabet ideas

Charlie the Cheetah Cuddle Buddy

Paper Craft

TP Roll Craft

letter c alphabet ideas

Charlie the Chick Cuddle Buddy

Paper Craft

TP Roll Craft

clown craft

Clown Paper Bag Puppet

Clown Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Coookie monster craft

Cookie Monster TP Roll Craft

Age 3+

cow crafts

Cow Crafts and Other Activities

including paper plate mask, paper crafts, TP Roll crafts and paper bag puppet

Crocodile craft

Crocodile Paper Craft

Crocodile TP Roll Craft

Cutie Carrot Craft

Cutie Carrot Paper Craft

Age 2+

letter c alphabet coloring book pages

Letter C coloring pages

letter c alphabet ideas

Letter C Games and Puzzles

letter c alphabet ideas

Letter C Mini Book

letter c songs and rhymes

Letter C songs and rhymes

multiple choices

letter c alphabet tracer pages

Letter C tracer pages

multiple fonts to chose from

ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH now available

letter c alphabet ideas

Letter C-c template

Letter CD and cd templates


Each week we have a special "letter of the week".   During the week, we make crafts that feature the letter of the week and practice the upper and lower cases of the letter. 

WHAT WE DO - ACTIVITIES:  During the week we're learning about a particular letter (in this case the Letter C), we'll often do an activity celebrating that letter.  Some ideas for the letter C are going to the circus, visiting a cave, cooking or making crafts.

If you don't have a circus in town, you can make your own.  The kids can pretend to be circus performers (Tasha was the lion tamer and her 2 year old sister was the lion... we didn't allow whips!)  Try our Circus crafts to set the mood!

If you don't have a cave near by, you can make your own.  Set up 4 chairs.  Drape blankets over the top, leaving an opening for the cave entrance.  Or if it's nice outside, set up a tent in the backyard and pretend it's a cave.  Fill your homemade cave with appropriate occupants (teddy bears!)  For a bit of extra fun once it gets dark turn out the lights, turn on some flashlights and sing some songs or tell some "not too ssscary" stories.

WHAT WE DO - BODY:  Exercise is an important part of a child's (and grownup's) development.  With computers and television our bodies sometimes get neglected.  During C week we practiced Cartwheels - Daddy was the best!

WHAT WE DO - CRAFTS:  Make a picture of clouds on blue construction paper using cotton balls.  Do your craft for a couple of minutes and then practice your letters for a couple of minutes.  Watch the clouds with your kids all through C week to get ideas of all the different colours they can be.  You can dip the cotton into watered down paint to make pink sunset clouds or grey storm clouds.  You can use cotton balls coloured this way instead of crayons to colour in many pictures or crafts.

WHAT WE DO - FOOD:  For Daddy and the girls, C week was almost too good to be true.  Candy, cookies, cake, chocolate, cupcakes, cotton candy... ack!  Mommy tried her best to push the carrots and celery, but it was rough going ("Mommy, doesn't celery start with an "S", Tasha asked suspiciously).  Anyways, if you like to bake with your kids, chocolate chip cookies are a good pick for this week.  And if you want to join me in an attempt to keep these weeks nutritious, try making ants on a log (spread cheese whiz on celery and decorate with raisons). 

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