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Tasha T alphabuddies craft

Alphabuddy - Tasha T Alphabet Craft

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letter t alphabet ideas

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letter t alphabet ideas

Tomato Paper Craft

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Tommy Triangle (Shapes Buddy) Paper Craft

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Tooth craft

Tooth Craft

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train paper craft 

Train Paper Craft

Train Shapes Craft

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Letter T coloring pages

letter t alphabet ideas

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letter t alphabet ideas

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Letter T tracer pages

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letter t alphabet ideas

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Each week we have a special "letter of the week".   During the week, we make crafts that feature the letter of the week and practice the upper and lower cases of the letter. 

WHAT WE DO - ACTIVITIES:  During the week we're learning about a particular letter (in this case the Letter T), we'll often do an activity celebrating that letter.  Some ideas for the letter T are playing Tag or Tennis, have a Tea party or walk around on Tip Toes.

WHAT WE DO - CRAFTS: Instead of using crayons or paint, scrunch up 1" pieces of Tissue paper and glue them to your artwork (it works quite nicely on either the Alphabuddy, Tasha T or the Train crafts listed above.

WHAT WE DO - BODY:  The letter T is a wonderful theme for a week where the child is visiting the dentist.  You can talk all about Teeth, make the tooth (see above) and, hopefully, it will ease the fear a bit! 

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