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letter d alphabet ideas

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letter d alphabet ideas

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Each week we have a special "letter of the week".   During the week, we make crafts that feature the letter of the week and practice the upper and lower cases of the letter. 

WHAT WE DO - ACTIVITIES:  During the week we're learning about a particular letter (in this case the Letter D), we'll often do an activity celebrating that letter.  One idea for the letter D is dancing (either at a class, a party or just at home).  Try picking different types of music to dance to (Disco comes to mind *grin*)

WHAT WE DO - CRAFTS: Decorate with dots!  Either use bingo dauber dots, sticker dots or hole punched dots to decorate a picture.  We have a few Bingo Dauber projects available on the site.

Make a picture frame and decorate with dog bones.  Use a plain store bought frame or make your own with tongue depressor sized craft sticks.  Paint the dog bones with a clear glaze (white glue thinned 1/2 and 1/2 with water works ok for this) and glue them to the picture frame.  Put in a picture of your child and the dog (living, stuffed and beanie all work fine!)

WHAT WE DO - FOOD:  Dairy foods are a good thing to focus on during D week.  Talk about all the good things dairy foods do (healthy bones, healthy teeth, that sort of thing).   Although (don't kill me for this one), donuts are awfully fun too!

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