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Habitat Craft

Habitat Craft© by Leanne Guenther

Tasha's daycare made this craft one day in spring.  They seemed to have a good time and Tasha came home talking about the habitats of a variety of different animals.  I was actually quite impressed with how much they had learned while working on these crafts.  I'll start out with instructions for the habitat Tasha made and then give some thoughts at the end on different habitats you might make.  (Keep in mind, there's no template to print out with this project).  I've tried to give lots of alternatives in the materials.  Basically you need a shoebox.  The rest is optional and subject to your own imagination and what you happen to have available.

porthole craftNote:  If you're studying an ocean habitat, you might prefer the porthole paper plate craft.


Materials Required:



OTHER HABITATS (Again, I've just given thoughts... use what you have on hand... this is a great project for exercising creativity... go on a nature walk, collect items and then make a habitat box!):


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