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Animated Literacy Resources

Animated-Literacy is a program created by Jim Stone to help children learn reading and writing with the use of Alphabet Stories, Songs, Gestures and Coloring Pages.  It's a very cute integrated program (my oldest daughter studied it in Grade 1 and seemed to enjoy it).   For more specific information on the program visit the Animated-Literacy website.

The program is one you must purchase or get through your school, but one request I've received that I felt would be ok to meet was to tie existing craft, coloring, etc ideas found on the site into the Animated-Literacy program -- for example doing Camel crafts and coloring at home while your children are studying the "Crazy Camel" part of the program can help loosely tie at home fun with what the kids are doing in school.

Actress Annie  (short a sound)  --  (ants, apples, alligators, antelopes, acrobats, astronauts, abacus)

Baby Barnaby

Crazy Camel  (hard c sound) --  (cookies, candies, caramels, carrot cake, cotton candy, cashews)

Daisy Dragon -- (dance, dine, dotted, diaper)

Edgar Elf and Ellie Elephant (short e sound) -- (energetic, escaped, elbows, envelope)

Farley Fox -- (fishing, fiddle)

The Ghosts and Griselda Green (hard g sound) -- (gliding ghosts, garden gate)

Hippy Hippo -- (humming, harmonica, hop, harp)

Ichabod Ichthyosaurus  (short i sound) -- (itchy, inchworms)

Ike's Night Bike Ride  (long i sound)

Jenny Jaguar -- (juggle, jars, jumps, jogs)

Kimmy Kangaroo -- (kisses, kids, kudus, kicks, kittens)

Lizzy Lamb and Lonnie Lion -- (lemon leaves, laughed, licked, lips, lucky)

Mimi Mermaid -- (magic, mop, monsters, mice)

Nellie Newt -- (nuts, noodles, noon, night, naps)

Dr. Ollie Ostrich -- (otter, ox, octopus, omelets)

Polly Panda -- (painting, purple, pants, pizza, plates, porcupines)

Quentin Quail -- (quarterback, quick)

Rhino Ralph and Rosie Raccoon -- (rodeo)

Sadie Seal -- (surfing, seas, swimming)

Timmy Tiger

Uncle Upton -- (umbrella, umpire)

Victor Vampire -- (violin, van)

Winkie Walrus -- (well, worm, whiskers)

Max the Ox and Felix Fox

Yakety Yak -- (yo yo's)

Zackary and Zena Zebra -- (zoo, zig-zag)

Woody Woodchuck -- (cookies)

The Thick Thorny Thing

Lou Lou the Moose and her Loose Tooth -- (flute)

Arnie Aardvark

Chauncy Chipmunk

Leaping Eve

Grouchy Owl and Brown Mouse

A Hare Named Abe

Old Joe Crow

Sheriff Shad and his shaggy sheep

Whirling Irving

Orty Orsen

Oiling Joy's Noisy Toy

The White Whistling Whale

June's Pet Mule

Ping Pong