He stole an empty sack from the family shed. Then, he crept into the home’s pantry and stole a loaf of bread, crumbling it into the sack. Finally, he went to the garden behind the house and stole two carrots, one large, one small, from the ground; those too went in the sack.

Puss then went into the reeds behind a nearby river and dropped the breadcrumbs one–by–one, making a trail that led to the open sack. Then, he hid behind a bush.

Puss in Boots: partridges

Minutes later, two large partridges flew by and noticed the crumbs. They picked and plucked the crumbs off the ground one–by–one and, greedily, followed the trail to the sack. Delighted to find more crumbs inside the sack, they stepped inside and began to eat. Just as they did, Puss revealed himself from behind the trees, slit the birds’ throats, and stuffed them back in the sack. Then, he proceeded on his merry way.


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