Next, Puss went to the gardens outside the infamous ogre, Grimalkan’s, castle. He played dead beside the vegetables, with the large carrot tucked under his tail, and awaited his next victim.

Puss in Boots: rabbit and carrotLo and behold, a large rabbit hopped by, wary of the cat. Noticing that the cat was dead, however, the rabbit proceeded to the sack and found the dead partridges and a carrot. He took the carrot and began to nibble. Puss then awoke suddenly, bonked the rabbit on the head with the large carrot, slit his throat, and stuffed him in the sack.

“What lovely presents for the king!” Puss said, nibbling the large carrot. He was, surprisingly, a vegetarian.

He then headed west, entered the king’s palace, bowed elegantly, and presented the sack to His Majesty.


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