Puss in Boots: puss in boots“Ah, ah, ah, young sir!” he said. The young man withdrew in horror. “You seem to have run into some troubles, haven’t you? Well, of course you have. I’ve been watching you with a keen eye. You’re in luck, fine chap! I shall help you become the richest man in all the land, and I, your favorite cat,” he purred. The young man leaned in closer.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Ah, you leave the do–ing to me! But… give me those fine boots you’re wearing,” the cat demanded.

The young man did just as the cat asked; the cat put on the boots.

“My, you’re a puss ‘n boots!” the young man exclaimed.

“Why, indeed I am,” Puss replied, and off he went on his merry way to make the poor young man rich.


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