DLTK's Educational Crafts for Kids
Phases of the Moon Craft

by Leanne Guenther

phases of the moon craftPick your favorite phase of the moon to decorate OR make all of them and hang them on the bulletin board or fridge as they occur.

I have provided 3 suggestions for painting the moon for different age levels.  The age levels are just my suggestions -- depending on the child's experience with art projects and/or the number of children you're supervising during the project, you can adjust the age levels.


One of:


Learning Points:

phases of the moon

crescent,   half,   gibbous,   full,   gibbous,   half,   crescent

Directions for the craft:

moon craft

Technique 1 (age 2 to 4) - marble painting

string painting

Technique 2 (age 4 to 6) - string painting

sponge paintTechnique 3 (age 6 to 8) - sponge painting

Printing your Templates:


Same sized Templates (the crescent moon, etc seem a little small, but it's for those of you who want to make all the phases of the moon and hang them side by side -- so it doesn't look like the moon shrinks as it approaches full) 

Templates:  crescent   half   gibbous   full


Big as possible Templates (choose these if you're just making your favorite phase) 

Templates:  crescent   half   gibbous   full



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