Make Your Own Mini Books

DLTK's Educational Printables for Kids
Make Your Own

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Make these free printable children's books to encourage your kids to read.  There are a variety of themes to choose from -- the majority of the books target younger readers (preschool, kindergarten and early grade school) although a few of the books are a bit more challenging.

The "custom stories" and holidays themed stories are especially popular!

The printable books come with suggestions for complimentary activities and/or worksheets to reinforce the stories.

Alphabet Stories:  



Here's a suggestion from JoAnna:  "I was trying to keep my 5-year-old busy the other day and came up with a fun craft reading project.  I gave him 6 blank pieces of paper and told him to draw a different picture on each one.  When he was finished, I asked him what each picture was.  Then I put together the pictures and wrote a story based on them.  Arien REALLY loves his book because it is about his father and he is very proud that it has all of his drawing in it.  I enjoyed trying to tie all of the pictures into one story (and the free time I got while he was drawing)."

Here is a suggestion from Carlene and Paris:  "Being an avid quilter, I came up with my own way of putting the mini books together. I sew them together on the sewing machine. No staples or brads are needed. It works for me."

Here is a suggestion from Carol:  "If printer resolution is high enough, the mini book pages can be reduced to 70%-75% before printing each page.  Then they can be inserted into a mini photo album.  That way the books may hold up to more wear and tear with younger children."


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