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The Story of Sedna

Story of Sedna based on the original Inuit legend.

The Story of Sedna: sednaMany have told the story of Sedna, once a beautiful Inuit woman, and now the goddess of the sea. Sedna lived with her father in an Inuit village. They were quite happy, but during cold winter months, the quest for food was impossible.

Her home was small, but comfortable; she had soft pillows and blankets made from hide, boiled water to drink, and a father to keep her company. Sedna’s father however, treasured his daughter so much that because of his constant praise, she became vain and self-centered. Most winter days, instead of helping her father hunt and fish, she would sit by the ice, mesmerized by her own reflection.

So when it came time for her to marry a man, Sedna refused. She thought herself too beautiful – too special – to marry. Though many men came to their village in search of wives, Sedna showed no interest.

She kept herself hidden away, locked in the gaze of her icy reflection.

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