DLTK's Fairy Tale Activities

© Written by Tasha Guenther and illustrated by Leanne Guenther
Fairy tale based on the original tale by Charles Perrault

Once upon a time in a land much like yours and mine lived a young girl named Ella. She was born in a small house with her mother, Lily, and her father, a hardworking merchant.

Cinderella story: ZuzuHer mother was kind, loving, and patient and her father was happy. They were a gracious family, who saw wonderful success. Such success allowed them to move into a large, four thousand-acre estate.

Ella loved the lily gardens around the estate and spent much of her time there. In these gardens she met an odd, yet charming array of friends: three blind mice, an uncountable number of birds, and a spider monkey named Zuzu, who had escaped from her wealthy neighbor’s menagerie.

Months after they arrived, however, Ella’s mother fell sick. She died shortly after, leaving a heartbroken husband.

After her death, he left on business more regularly and left Ella alone to grow into a woman of parallel kindness to her mother.

Cinderella story: mice


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