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My name is Tasha Guenther. I am the "T" in DLTK. Let me tell you: it is a conversation starter when people find out that I have grown up my entire life on a popular kids' crafts website! Nowadays, I have several friends who are elementary + middle school teachers and use our sites as resources for their lesson plans. Everything comes full circle, and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of my little DLTK family.

I prioritize agency when engaging in digital creative work. Attesting to my longtime engagement in online creative communities, DLTK's sites feature many of my creative writing adaptations, art + craft tutorials, and other educational pages accommodated for children and young adults.

Besides my scholastic projects and goals, I appreciate long conversations with close friends, reading poetry, and taking photos of my cat. Learn more about me here or connect with me on my InstagramTwitter, and Facebook accounts.



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