monkey puppet
the photo's a bit fuzzy 
because the monkey is jumping
rather energetically

Monkey Puppet or Paper Craft

by Leanne Guenther

This is the same type of project as the T-Rex puppet.  I gave a few more specific directions and pictures to follow in those instructions, so if you get stuck, you might want to read through them.

If you don't want a huge project, but still want to do something with these Templates, you could do this as a paper craft (just glue the pieces together or attach them with brass tabs).  This is a very good alternative for younger kids and makes a great big paper monkey they can hang up beside their bed!

If you chose to do it as a puppet (not just a paper craft), younger children (Age 2 thru 5) will have fun colouring the pieces and playing with the finished puppet.  However, the craft is really more suited to Age 5+ if you want them to work fairly independently as it's quite a bit longer of a project and gets a bit fiddly at the end.

Suggestion from a viewer.  Thanks!
Gayla wrote: "You know how you suggest using the straws on the legs, tail, and one arm? I happened to cut the part of the straw that has the rigid part that bends and I used that to connect the pieces.  The result is that you can "bend and shape" the legs, tail and arm because the rigid part of the straw holds shape."


Materials you will need for the puppet are


Head/Body template   (color)   (B&W)

Arm template   (color)   (B&W)

Arm/Tail template   (color)   (B&W)

Legs template   (color)   (B&W)