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This Little Chick
Felt Board Fun (or Puppets)

This goes especially well with the "This Little Chick" poem.  You can use the Templates (found at the bottom of this page) in a number of ways:

Use the sheets as... COLORING PAGES

Use the sheets as...  PUPPETS

Use the sheets as...  FELT BOARD CHARACTERS



Black, Brown, Yellow and White Chicks   color   or   B&W

Purple, Green, Blue and Pink Chicks   color   or   B&W

Red Barn   color   or   B&W

Rebekah wrote:
This spring we used your "Little Chick" poem and crafts on felt board.  My three kids wanted to make more chicks, so I copied more and whited out the colors.  They came up with several more verses I would like to share.  If you add it to your site, please acknowledge Mikayla (8 yoa), Corban (6 yoa) and Bryanna (4yoa).  It would be a great complement to their creativity and work.

This little chick is grey.
He likes to play all day.

This little chick is magenta.
He names his pentagon, "Penta." 

This little chick is rainbow and curl.
He likes to swirl.

This little chick is lavendar.
She likes to look at her calendar.

This little chick is stripe.
He is a very rare type.

This little chick is orange.
He jumps from orange to orange.
(They made oranges under an orange tree.) 

This little chick is tan.
He runs as fast as he can.

This little chick is red.
He stands on his head.
(One of their favorites because they put him upside down on the felt board.) 


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