Contributed by Paige Eckhart

Book Title: Parts
Authour: Ted Arnold
Illustrator: Ted Arnold
My Rating: 4/5
Would I recommend this book? Yes, a fun read.
Suggested Age of Reader: 7+, harder language.
Brief Summary (no spoilers): The little boy in the books is very afraid that “the glue that holds our parts together isn’t holding me!” as parts keep falling off of him. This rhyming book is very funny, and also educational about the parts that come off, such as teeth.
What I liked/ didn’t like: I liked the rhymes and the funny pictures.  I think this a good book to read with any age of kids, I certainly loved it when I was younger!
What the book teaches you: The book teaches you about the parts of you that are perfectly normal to come off, such as hair, teeth, and boogers.
Additional Notes: If you liked this book, you can get the second and third books, More Parts, and Even More Parts