The Giggler Treatment

Contributed by Paige Eckhart

The Giggler TreatmentBook Title: The Giggler Treatment
Author: Roddy Doyle
Illustrator: Brian Ajhar
My Rating: 5/5
Would I recommend this book? Yes, it is super funny!
Suggested Age of Reader: 8+
Brief Summary (no spoilers): A Giggler is a small magical creature that gets revenge on grown ups that are not nice to kids. But when a mistake is made, and Mister Mack is set to step on the biggest, wettest pile of dog poo, will his family be able to save him?
What I liked/ didn’t like: I love how the author talks to Rover through the book, and the whole book is just so funny.
What the book teaches you: “6. And last, if you are an adult and you ever walk on dog poo, ask yourself, ‘Why are the Giggler’s giving me the Giggler Treatment?’ But remember, it might not be the Giggler Treatment. It might just be poo.”, and many other messages.