She crossed out onto the road beyond the wooden fence. As she pecked her way over, she looked down at what she thought might be a worm.

It seems like a worm, she thought. However, this “worm” was not wriggling at all, and the air was blowing it over the place. She plucked it up with her beak to give it a taste. Little Red Hen

This was no worm!

The Little Red Hen couldn't be sure what it was, so she brought the mysterious thing back to the farm with her.

As she wandered passed the front porch of the farmhouse, she saw the farmer talking to the local miller. The Hen tried her best to cluck by without them noticing her.

But before she knew it, the Silly Brown Mouse had ruined her plans! The farmer and the miller turned around just as the Mouse went dashing out loudly from the barn—with tin cans falling everywhere. They noticed the Hen immediately.

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