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The Skeleton Creek series of children's mystery novels by Patrick Carman.  Intended for ages 12+ this novel is an interesting combination of journal style writing and an online video diary working together to tell the story.

Kaitlyn read the stories and loved the spooky on-line videos combined with the journal-type story telling.  I think this is a wonderfully unique new type of storytelling for today's "plugged in" kids! 

Just as an fyi, there was about half an hour of reading for every one minute of video for her (she reads fairly quickly) -- I was a little worried when she started the series that the "video portion" of it would overwhelm the good old fashioned book reading...  Thankfully, that wasn't the case at all!

books  Skeleton Creek Book Review

Skeleton Creek Online Jigsaw Puzzle Skeleton Creek On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

slider puzzles Skeleton Creek On-Line Slider Puzzles

Skeleton Creek On-Line Word Search Skeleton Creek On-Line Word Search

printable crossword  Skeleton Creek Printable Crossword

Word Search Skeleton Creek Printable Word Search


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