DLTK's Educational Activities
Rainbow Fish Craft

by Leanne Guenther

Rainbow Fish CraftThis is SUCH a fun craft for young children to do.  There's something about shiny little scales that just cheer my 2 year old daughter right up!  Our rainbow fish has a permanent place of honor on the refrigerator.

Here is a picture of the Rainbow Fish that Cassidy made.

Tip from Val:  To make the Rainbow Fish Crafts look underwater, stick it to a blue sheet of construction paper and glue on top one sheet of slightly crumpled plastic wrap.

Tip from Terrie:  I often teach the 2/3 year olds at Sunday School and last week we did the Jonah story.  To simplify your fish craft I used the template for an outline and traced it onto blue construction paper.  I cut it out so that the outside was still one piece.  We glued the the tissue squares and tinfoil squares onto a plain white piece of paper, and then laid the blue construction paper over top.  We then had a colorful fish in the middle surrounded by blue construction paper "water"! .  The kids loved it, and it was easier for them.







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