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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The kids received their scholastic school book orders this week and the neighbourhood was all a-buzz about this book!

Book Review by Paige

About the story:
Who would ever suspect that a tiny little mouse could wear out an energetic young boy?  Well, if you're going to go around giving an exuberantly bossy rodent a cookie, you'd best be prepared to do one or two more favors for it before your day is through.  For example, he'll certainly need a glass of milk to wash down that cookie, won't he? And you can't expect him to drink the milk without a straw, can you? By the time our hero is finished granting all the mouse's very urgent requests--and cleaning up after him--it's no wonder his head is becoming a bit heavy.  Laura Joffe Numeroff's tale of warped logic is a sure-fire winner in the giggle-generator category.  Felicia Bond's hilarious pictures are full of subtle, fun details.

The story sort of reminded me of dealing with my 2 year old *grin*

Craft and Coloring Ideas: