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The Lying Lion

by Artie Knapp

Poem:  The Lying Lion

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He lied, oh how he lied,
Claiming to be King;
But in actuality, this lion cried,
At the thought of a little sting.

I witnessed it myself that day,
And couldn’t believe my eyes;
As this big bad cat began to sway,
Desperate to conceal his lies.

He ran away as fast as he could,
Hoping to get lost;
Feeling embarrassed and misunderstood,
Came at quite a cost.

It had been easy for him to scare us,
With his mighty roar and size;
But to see him tremble and throw a fuss,
Felt like winning a first place prize.

I knew someone would eventually call his bluff,
And that they would reveal the truth;
I just never would have thought, all that fluff,
Would be caused by a bee named Ruth.