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I run an in home day care.  I have in my play room a 2 inch wide piece of pine about 8 feet long which I covered with contact paper.  Then I tacked this up on my wall about 18 inches from the ceiling and put in cup hooks to hold up poster boards.  I have over the years made poster board bulletin boards of:

Many of these boards have been been group efforts with the DC kids.

I also have a wonderful resource for bulletin board themes.  Some of their themes were:
***apple tree (each apple has a child's name)
***ice cream cones (kids pick two scoops for their cones and put their names in the scoops)
***Kites by Kids - kites made of bright construction paper with tissue tails
***Quilts - the kids draw pictures on 6 inch squares and then use hole punches to punch two holes on each side and then the squares are threaded with yarn together to make a quilt bulletin board
***in April we used scraps of wallpaper to make umbrella tops and then black construction paper to make the handles.  Dotted on blue rain drops.

Currently I have three poster boards up making a mural of a frog pond.  We have sitting and jumping frogs, reeds, cat tails, and dragon flies on blue poster boards.

My favorite is a red poster board which I made into a barn.  The barn door opens to reveal Farmer Bill, the windows open to reveal farm animals.  When we do the farm theme the kids make two other boards to go up with this one.  I have color book pictures of animals and farmers and produce which they choose from and color and glue on.  If I have older children they can draw their own pictures. Creating these theme boards are part of our curriculum discussions.