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St.  Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Idea

bulletin boardsI'm sending you 2 photos of my boys' St.  Patrick's Day theme wall in their bedroom that we created using a compilation of all the different projects and Templates available from dltk-kids.com! We do this for every holiday/season, and it's something my boys (ages 4 and 10 mos.) always enjoy. Thought you may like to post the idea for others.  We simply put together the paper Leprachaun project and taped him up to the wall.  Then, we found a template for a pot/cauldron.  We printed that out and colored it, then we cut out a square of yellow paper and taped that to the back of the pot on the top edge.  Then, (my 4 year old's favorite part) we took yellow tissue paper, ripped it into small pieces, crumpled them up, and glued them to the yellow paper to look like gold.  We just cut out shamrocks (using your template) on green card stock, and taped them to the wall.  For the "rainbow" I typed out "Happy St.  Patrick's Day!" on the computer so that it was blank with a black border.  We then colored them in with all different colors to make it look like the rainbow for the scene.  It was a fun 2 hour project, and since we were using so many different craft methods, no one got bored! Please feel free to use the images in any way...it would be an honor! Again, thank you so much!!!

Crystal, Hunter & Grayson from Tennessee

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