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I am a Pre-K teacher.  For Spring I did a progressive bulletin board.  I put up grass made w/ construction paper cut to look like grass.  I also added clouds made from stuffing and a tissue paper sun.  I added a park sign "Please stay off the grass.  Signed the Park Ranger, Ms. Karen."

As we learned about "spring" we added flowers made w/ "rainbow colored rice" we added raindrops from the clouds.  We made kites.  We added frogs from paper plates and caterpillars from egg cartons.  We are in the process of adding butterflies and I haven't decided which ones yet.  The confetti butterflies, paper plate/toilet paper butterflies, marshmallow painted ones, etc.

This project makes the school/parents look for the new items.  It can cover April (showers), kites from the wind, May (flowers), the week study of caterpillars and butterflies.  This saves time of changing each month and week.  We display all work each week in class and put our special items (chosen by the children) on the bulletin board.

I am very pleased.  I call this my progressive bulletin board and Spring is great for it.


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