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Rosh Hashanah

Every teacher at my school has a bulletin board outside their classroom.  I planned mine for the month of October to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah.  I cut out a big bush from green bulletin board paper taped it low to a wall and had round sponges to resemble apples.  Each student sponge painted a couple of apples at a time.  When it dried I stapled it to the bulletin board where I had a trunk pre-cut and a bright blue background to resemble the sky.  To practice cutting, I took rectangles of green paper and drew a line along the bottom the width of a ruler.  Each child took a rectangle and cut lines about 1cm apart starting from the top and stopped at the line I had marked.  This created grass that I stapled along the bottom of the bulletin board under the tree.  Next, I cut out triangles on gold paper.  Then the kids glued two triangles together to resemble the Star of David.  They were the stars in the sky for our apple tree.  Now when we line up everyone stands under our apple tree!

Ms.  Bailey and the 3 year old class