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One of my favorite bulletin boards is:
Find a copy of an ant, enlarge it to the size of a football and make 20 or 30 copies.  I laminated my ants so I can use them another time.  This bulletin board can be used in September or January.

I buy a red and white check plastic table cloth from the dollar store.  Paper plates and plastic knives, spoons and forks and paper cups.  I cover the bulletin board with the checked table cloth.  On the paper
plates I write: MATH, SPELLING, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, ETC.  Then, I set the "table", I staple the plates on the table cloth and tape the plastic-ware on each side.  I also staple paper cups....just like
you would set a table.  Across the top of the bulletin board, in big letters....THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE A REAL PICNIC!! Then I tape the ants on the wall, leading from the door, all around the room! The kids
loved it, we made watermelon slices out of construction paper for the table, also....use your imagination!!!