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I had an idea for an interactive bulletin board.  I was printing out the template for the Pin the Flag on Mailbox game and got an idea for an interactive math (can be adapted to just about anything) bulletin board.

Here's the idea.

1.  Print several copies of the mailbox

2.  Print equal number of flags

3.  Laminate all with clear contact paper (if you're cheap like me) or take it somewhere and laminate them

4.  Program the flags with a math problem (anything from 1+2 to division problems for older kids)

5.  Program the mailbox with the answer (underneath where the flag would cover the mailbox)

6.  Insert flag with a paper fastener so it is moveable

7. Voila, an interactive, educational, self-checking bulletin board.

8.  You could then change the problems to provide variety and change it completely to suit your fancy (letters, rhyming words, anything)

Hope this can help someone.

Tracy W.