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A great way to teach kids about graphing and statistics is to create a magnetic graphing bulletin board.  Take a Polaroid picture of each student and write their names on the white tab.  Then, place a magnet on the back of each picture.  Every week, place a different topic on the bulletin board and have students stack their pictures on the bar graph.  Here are a few topic examples:
  What time do you go to bed? 7-8, 8-9, 9-10
  Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
  Favorite color?
  Favorite holiday?
  Eye color?
  Number of siblings?
Some topics can even include a class vote for something they will be able to do:
  Favorite field trip idea
  Snack for next week
  Class reward for good behavior
You can expand this activity by creating other forms of graphs, such as dot plots, line graphs, pie charts, pictographs, tallies, etc.  It’s a great way to motivate students to learn math!

Wendy C.