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bulletin boardsI took this bulletin board idea from the "newspaper owls" on DLTK's website, and added some other things to it.  I had my 3 year olds make two owls.  After they dried, I stuck one of them on the wall to a tree that I made out of butcher paper, and the other sitting on the floor up against the wall.  I also had hand-print "leaves" of yellow, red, and orange from my 2 and 3 year olds and taped to the branches. During the next class, my 2 and 3 yr.  Olds made paper sack pumpkins.  After they dried, I lined them up on the floor.  I also put, "Look Whooo's in (my class)".  I have gotten so many compliments from this wall decoration, and was even told that I should send it in as an idea.  So here it is.