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Birthday Board

Here is a birthday bulletin board idea that I've used throughout the years to keep track of birthdays of the children in my care, as well as let other parents and children know who's birthday it is so that they know when we will be celebrating and so they may bring a gift if they would like to etc.

First of all cover the bulletin board with any color of paper, colored of some kind makes it festive.  Then you draw a cupcake top (I do not have any Templates, I hand drew mine) as well as a bottom, I took picture of the children with my digital camera and placed the child's pictures on the bottom half, and then wrote their birthday and age on the top half of the cupcake, I also added a colorful candle to the top of each cupcake.

There are a ton of different phrases you can use on this bulletin board:
Celebrating our years together
Happy birthday to Me/You/Us
Happy Birthday
Make A Wish
Guess Who's Birthday It Is?

And many more....