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December Bulletin Board Project


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December Multi-Cultural Holidays Collage

The Layout:  

december bulletin board

The Theme:

Includes December multi-cultural holiday themes.  Many schools are not allowed to prepare a single religion/culture bulletin board.  This allows classrooms to celebrate the holidays and learn a little about how others celebrate them too!  I tried to keep all of the themes as 'secular' as possible.

I used Ramadan in the layout because I wanted something to represent Muslim, but the geometric art is fairly generic Islamic art (it doesn't relate to Ramadan as much as I would have liked but it's great for geometry/sorting with the kids) -- I've added the crescent moons as this is much more representative of Ramadan.  If you'd like you could switch that quadrant to a 'Winter Wonderland' and use Winter Paper Crafts (like the paper mittens, paper snowman or paper snowflakes) to fill that section.

Directions and Links:

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Divide the bulletin board into 4 equal quadrants.  You can just draw a line to do this or use 4 different background papers.

Print the December title template (color  or B&W) and December sub-title template (color  or B&W).  Tape to a piece of green construction paper or card stock to the back of the title template to create a border (or use another complimentary color).  Tape the title to the center of the board and the sub-titles in the appropriate quadrants.

How to structure:

I recommend dividing the class into groups, assign them each a holiday (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan) and have each group do some research on how the holiday is celebrated.  They would also complete the artwork for their part of the board.  For the children researching Christmas, have them research how it is celebrated in another part of the world.  You can obtain books from the library or use the internet as a resource for their research.  You may wish to send a short newsletter home to the parents to get their buy in for this project.

Alternatively, you can prepare the board with one or two 'helping hands'.


Projects shown on the layout:

Suggested Winter Paper Crafts if you wish to substitute winter wonderland for one of the quadrants:

There are also posters, coloring pages and a variety of other paper crafts in each section that you can use to fill up your bulletin board or provide extra activities for the children.