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DLTK's Educational Activities
Tommy Triangle Shapes Buddy

by Leanne Guenther

triangle craftTommy Triangle is an easy paper craft to help young children learn about triangles.  See if you can count how many triangles there are in the craft.

We also have a basic triangle craft if you prefer something simpler.

For some reason we had fun trying to figure out who Tommy looked like.  Tasha thought he looked like the Sheriff of Nottingham (this was likely influenced by the existence of Squire Square), Darren thought he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the Sheriff of Nottingham and I thought he looked like my second year economics professor (I'm so unimaginative!)...




Template 1:  Head, Face, Legs, Hair and Belt
color   or   B&W

Template 2:  Body and Arms
color   or   B&W



Printable version of this instruction page


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