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At last Sara reached her fifteenth year.  �Well, now, you are old enough to make your visit to the surface,� said her father a little sadly; �please be careful for I love you very much.�

Sara hugged her father and said, �Farewell,� then swam as lightly as a bubble to the surface of the water.  The sun had just set as she raised her head above the waves; but the clouds were tinted with crimson and gold, and through the glimmering twilight beamed the evening star in all its beauty.  A large ship floated calmly in the distance, with only one sail set; for not a breeze blew, and the sailors sat idle on deck or amongst the rigging.  There was music and song on board; and, as darkness came on, a hundred colored lanterns were lighted to glow prettily in the night.


The Little Mermaid music

The little mermaid swam close to the cabin windows; now and then, as the waves lifted her up, she could look in through clear glass window-panes, and see a number of well-dressed people within.  Among them was a young prince, the most handsome of all, with large brown eyes; he was sixteen years of age, and his birthday was the reason for all the celebration.


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