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felt board characters

DLTK's Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Hickory Dickory Dock Felt Board Characters

In this section I've put together some simple pages to go with the nursery rhyme.  If you just do the first basic verse of the rhyme, the felt board characters work like the others on the sight (you put them up as you mention the names in the rhyme).

Telling Time:  However, if you do all 12 verses, this is a great felt board exercise for telling time.  As each "o'clock" is mentioned, have the child choose the correct clock from the pieces and put it up on the board!

Number Practice:  Similarly, you can practice number recognition by putting up the correct number -- from 1 to 12 -- when they are mentioned in the longer version of the rhyme.

Anyways, here are some ideas for using basic felt board characters:

Use the sheets as...  PUPPETS

Use the sheets as...  FELT BOARD CHARACTERS


Template (first verse)               color   or    B&W


Template (clocks 1 thru 4)       color   or    B&W

Template (clocks 5 thru 8)       color   or    B&W

Template (clocks 9 thru 12)     color   or    B&W


Template (animals 1 thru 4)     color   or    B&W

Template (animals 5 thru 8)     color   or    B&W

Template (animals 9 thru 12)   color   or    B&W


Template (numbers 1 thru 4)             B&W only

Template (numbers 5 thru 8)             B&W only

Template (numbers 9 thru 12)           B&W only




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