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DLTK's Educational Activities
English to French numbers

Number English French Pronunciation
0 zero zéro zay-roh
1 one un ahn
2 two deux duh
3 three trois twah
4 four quatre cat
5 five cinq sank
6 six six seese
7 seven sept set
8 eight huit wheat
9 nine neuf nuhf
10 ten dix deese
11 eleven onze ohnz
12 twelve douze dooz
13 thirteen treize trehz
14 fourteen quatorze kah-tohrz
15 fifteen quinze cans
16 sixteen seize says
17 seventeen dix-sept deese-set
18 eighteen dix-huit deese-wheat
19 nineteen dix-neuf deese-nuhf
20 twenty vingt vahn
21 twenty-one vingt et un <vahn tay uhn
22 twenty-two vingt-deux <vahn-duh
23 twenty-three vingt-trois vahn<-twah
24 twenty-four vingt-quatre <vahn-cat
25 twenty-five vingt-cinq <vahn-sank
26 twenty-six vingt-six vahn<-seese
27 twenty-seven vingt-sept <vahn-set
28 twenty-eight vingt-huit <vahn-wheat
29 twenty-nine vingt-neuf vahn<-nuhf
30 thirty trente trawnt
40 fourty quarante kuh-rawnt
50 fifty cinquante sank-awnt
60 sixty soixante swah-sawnt
70 seventy soixante-dix swah-sawnt-deese
80 eighty quatre-vingt ka-truh-vahn
90 ninety quatre-vingt-dix ka-truh-vahn-deese
100 hundred cent sawnt
1000 thousand mille meel
1,000,000 one million un million uhn meel-ee-ohn

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