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Re: Insects

From: Leanne
Date: 4/13/2002
Time: 12:01:51 PM
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snack idea: ants on a log (celery, cheez whiz and raisons)

children's book: the very hungry caterpillar ( http://www.dltk-teach.com/books/hungrycaterpillar/index.htm )

Science: bug collecting -- take see through containers (baby food jars work well) with holes poked in the lid and help the children collect bugs outside (or ask parents to do it the night before). Provide a magnifying glass to look at the bugs, then have the children draw their favorite. Release the bugs afterwards so they don't die.

KidZone is also one of my sites... it has some info about monarch butterflies, but don't miss the printables at the bottom of the page that detail the life cycle of the butterfly http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/monarch_butterfly.htm

here's a list of rhymes about insects http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/insect-rhymes.htm

Another fun craft that I haven't added to the site yet is to make a pretend magnifying glass. The 'top' of a paper plate is where you put the food, the 'bottom' is where the plate touches the table. Cut the centers out of two paper plates. Glue saran wrap or clear plastic (overhead projector material) on the top of the plates to cover both holes Glue a popsicle stick or tongue depressor onto the top rim of of the the plates, glue or staple the top rim of the other plate on.

Decorate as you wish.

Walk around with your giant magnifying glass spying plastic bugs.

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