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DLTK's Educational Activities
October Bulletin Board Project

bulletin boards

"School is a Bushel of Fun!"

Alternate themes/Templates listed:  "Books are...", "Church is...", "Friends are...", "Learning is...", "Math is...", "Writing is..."


Thanks to Kimberly for sending in this additional suggestion:   I love this bulletin board idea.  It is easily adjustable for large classes or for the small class that I have.  I home school my three kids and this one allowed us to have a ball.  I just completed my bulletin board in this format.  Yet I added a little something else to it.  I wrote inside of some of the apples some good behaviors.  These apples were labeled as "good apples.  The children's names were also included as good apples.  I colored some apples brown and they were not but in the basket I put them on the bottom of my board.  These apples had bad behaviors written on them and were labeled "bad apple."  The children really enjoyed helping me make this one.  Thanks to you and to the person who sent this one in.

The Layout:

bulletin boards


The Theme:

A fall harvest theme with apple Templates.  The layout shows "School is a Bushel of Fun!", but ideas are provided for a variety of alternate themes including:

Additional educational activities for PreK thru Kindergarten:  counting the apples, the shape of a square, the color red, and the letters A and B.  Additional Resources not shown on the layout:  Rosie Red Color Buddy, Letter A alphabuddies section, Letter B alphabuddies section, Square shapes buddy, Apple Activities, Fruits coloring pages and the Fruit Mini Book with Story Sequencing cards

Additional educational activities for Grades 1 and 2:   Learn about the fruits and vegetables food group - healthy eating and nutrition.  For Additional Resources, visit DLTK's Nutrition Activities and Apple Activities.

If you are interested, here is a picture of how the bulletin board turned out for one of our viewers.


Directions and Links:

Printable version

PreK and up:  Take a small photo of each of the children with a digital camera or instant camera OR ask the parents to provide a photo of their children.

Cover the bulletin board with white, light green or light brown

Make the Awesome Apple paper craft and tape it to the top, left section of the bulletin board.

Print the title template:

Tape to a piece of brown or red construction paper or card stock to create a border.  Tape this title to the top, left section of the board.

Cut strips of brown butcher paper and weave them to create a large rectangle.  Trim and glue the rectangle to form a bulletin boards shape.  This will be your bushel basket.  You can trim a long rectangle for the brim of the basket.  Tape your bushel basket onto the bulletin board.


Have the children:

Tape their completed apples onto the bulletin board.


bulletin boards Thanks to Irene from Sharon Community School for sending in this photo and additional suggestion:  This is how I used your idea.  Instead of listing the children's names, I listed the teacher name/classroom.  Everyone was impressed. Again this one made our local paper.  As I was working on the basket, which I did get carried away, a little to big, everyone would check on my progress with the weaving of it.  I had fun doing it.




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