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DLTK's Educational Activities for Kids
Alphabet Ideas:  The Letter H Activities!

Harry H alphabuddies craft

Alphabuddy Harry H Paper Craft

Age 2+

Habitat Craft

Habitat Craft

Age 2+

H is also for House - you can talk about people's habitats being a house and then compare/contrast it with the habitats of different animals

letter h alphabet ideas

Hammy the Hamster Cuddle Buddy

Paper Craft

TP Roll Craft

letter h alphabet ideas

Herman the Hedgehog Cuddle Buddy

Paper Craft

TP Roll Craft

letter h alphabet ideas

Hippopotamus Crafts and Other Activities for Kids

horse crafts 

Horse Crafts and Other Activities for Kids

hot pepper paper craft

Hot Pepper Paper Craft

Age 2+

letter h coloring book pages

Letter H Coloring Pages

letter h alphabet ideas

Letter H Games and Puzzles

letter h alphabet ideas

Letter H Mini Book

alphabet songs and rhymes

Letter H songs and rhymes

letter h alphabet tracer pages

Letter H tracer pages

multiple fonts to chose from

ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH now available

letter h alphabet ideas

Letter H-h template

Letter GH and gh templates

Each week we have a special "letter of the week".  During the week, we make crafts that feature the letter of the week and practice the upper and lower cases of the letter. 

WHAT WE DO - ACTIVITIES:  During the week we're learning about a particular letter (in this case the Letter H), we'll often do an activity celebrating that letter.  Some ideas for the letter H are playing Housekeeping and Homework... 

Ok, ok these might not sound like much fun at first glance, but give it a chance.  Let your children pick a housekeeping chore that they've been dying to help out with, but that you've never thought they were "big enough" for (maybe vacuuming or laundry?)  My girls both had a blast with the vacuum cleaner! 

And homework?  Well, no one said they had to be the student!  Let them play teacher with you as the student (eager to soak up all the knowledge they have to share!).  They'll love planning the lesson, teaching you how to write letters and do math and marking your papers (and believe it or not, they'll learn from it too!)

letter h links

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